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GoToDigital finds people who want to use your business - all you have to do is login and collect them


A potential customer sees one of our ads online. We run ads across hundreds of different websites so we can find your potential customers wherever and whoever they might be.


They click our ad and see the informative and engaging content we’ve written. Here they learn all about the service/product in more detail.


After reading a bit more, they are ready to talk to someone. They submit an enquiry on our website. Now we have all the information we need to match the lead to your business.


If they are a good match for your clinics, we send you the details immediately. You’re then free to contact the lead to finish the process.

Why GoToDigital?


1,000 customers? 10,000 customers? We’re flexible to provide the volume you're looking for, and grow alongside your clinic.


You only pay a fixed price per lead. No hidden fees, no marketing waffle, just results.


The details of your potential customers arrive in your inbox immediately, in real time.


Our wide range of marketing channels allows us to reach the highest-value customers in your area, and they are all exclusive to you!


We do all the heavy lifting. Customer acquisition is what we do best and we plug straight in to your CRM.


We love data and technology. We're constantly optimising our process to get you the highest quality leads.

Case Studies & Insights

We're always working to get the best results for our clients. Here is a selection of our recent results and findings:

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