Advice from your go to digital experts

  • November 15, 2017
  • Insights, Digital Marketing, Best Practice

Technology has allowed the everyday consumer to become more aware of the different businesses that are available to them. They are more worried about finding a business that they feel comfortable with since they have all the information they need at their fingertips. Therefore, an effective digital marketing strategy is a business’s best friend. Follow these foolproof tips from your go to digital gurus (hint: us!)

Don’t Miss Your Call-to-Action

Call to Action (CTA) buttons allow you to lead people to the desired landing page on your website where they hopefully convert as customers. Having effective CTAs can lead to increased click-through and conversion rates. Nature Air moved their CTA to a more prominent location on their webpage and saw conversion improve by 591%.

Location, color, size, and wording can all affect whether people are clicking on your CTAs. Create buttons that appeal to what your consumer is looking for, while also making it seem urgent. Phrases that include snappy, active words like “get” and “save” are more compelling to users and will help increase clicks.

Prominent CTA GoToDigital

Let Your Customers Do Some Promoting

Since consumers are already so informed on the product, it makes it essential to start selling your business instead of your product. An effective way of promoting your business is by providing customer testimonials that highlight the great work you do. Groove found that good testimonials increased their conversion by up to 15%.

A good testimonial will highlight a customer’s specific needs and how your company was able to help. Utilize this tool to allow customers to promote your business for you.

Conversion Testimonials GoToDigital

Show Off Your Work

Customers are looking for businesses that can satisfy their exact needs. Allowing past customers to promote your business through testimonials is great, but is also important to promote it yourself. Providing customers with examples of previous work and portfolios can help convert users.

It is important to have a unique selling point to help stand out from competitors. Highlight specific services provided by your business that make you stand out from your competitors.

Get LinkedIn to Social Media

Social media has become almost essential to marketing your business, and should be a large part of your go to digital strategy. However, deciding how to successfully reach out to users on these networks and convert them to customers can be challenging.

New studies have shown that LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to generate new customers. LinkedIn has a 2.74% visit-to-lead conversion lead, compared to Facebook’s .77% and Twitter’s .69%. It’s important to utilize the most effective platforms that can promote your companies goals and services.

LinkedIn Conversion GoToDigital

Make it Easy to Contact You

All of your hard work will be for nothing if your customers have no way to get in contact with your business. Therefore, it is essential to provide contact information throughout your website, allowing people to find the information from every page on the site. Emails and phone numbers are both used by customers to contact a business when they wish to purchase a service.

Ensuring that your business keeps up digitally can require a lot of time, but is important to help generate more customers. If these tips become your go to digital rule book, nothing will stop you succeeding in the digital age.

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